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"Thanks, Peter, for redirecting SER to my home e-mail. It is too good to miss out on." Jeanette Dalton, Toowoomba, Australia

"My overall rating is high . . . very practical and fast to read. I will subscribe and contribute."  Giacomo Torzo, Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Padova, Italy

"Thankyou very much for yet another very interesting instalment of The Science Education Review. It's so readable, and so full of very interesting articles and gems of wisdom, that I always stop what I am doing and read it straight away. Well done on a great publication." Declan Kennedy, University College, Ireland

The Science Education Review is published by Science Time Education.

Postal address: The Science Education Review, "Willow Downs," 570 Womina-Willowvale Road, Warwick, Queensland 4370, Australia.


Phone/Fax  61-7-46673786 (within Australia, 07 4667 3786).

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