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"I have found this journal very helpful. I teach future science teachers, and there is a good deal of information that is right in line with the revolution in science teaching which both the AAAS Benchmarks and the NRC Science Education Standards are aimed at." Lynn Firestone, USA

"This is a wonderful publication. I really like the fact it is down to earth (not filled with education jargon) and provides practical activities and insightful comments." Kerry Kostamo, Hancock High School, MI, USA

Primary and high school teachers, as well as university educators, are busy people. With all your professional duties, limited budget for subscriptions, and perhaps even your location, you probably find it impossible to keep up with the latest developments in science education.

The Science Education Review (SER) (ISSN 1446-6120) provides the answer: a no-nonsense, fast-reading, comprehensive review of cutting-edge and beyond thinking in science education, plus much more. SER is published, in English, three times per year. While the content of the journal focusses on primary and high school education, much is also readily transferrable to the university setting. This is a great way to keep up-to-date with what is going on in the world of science education. Students of all ages are now able to access new and relevant information on the Internet, including using Mobile Broadband, so it is important that their tutors are also aware of the latest developments around the world. The SER offers a convenient way to make sure you stay well-informed on the subject of science education.

This relatively new journal contains a summary of carefully selected research and other articles from around the world. While some summaries are compliled by the Editor, others are contributed by the authors of the original articles. There are ideas that may surprise you and, for convenience, the content is available in a choice of formats: SER On-Line (both PDF files and ready-to-use, MS Word documents) and printed copies (unbound).

Also included are original, peer-reviewed feature and contributed articles (including position, opinion, theoretical, and review papers, reflections on practice, and empirical research reports), science demonstrations, student experiments, activities for eliciting students’ alternative conceptions, critical incidents, science stories, answers to teachers’ questions, learning/teaching strategies, science poetry, assessment tasks, other useful classroom resources and links, interviews with leading science educators, a Reader's Forum, interesting facts, quotes, humour, and more.

The content of SER is being indexed by the Australian Education Index (AEI), Educational Research Abstracts (ERA), and the Educational Resources and Information Centre (ERIC). Such indexing allows the content of SER to be readily searched from anywhere in the world.


Receive practical ideas
. Refresh yourself with ideas you can use in the classroom, that will solve problems, improve your efficiency and effectiveness, and which are transferable across the curriculum.

Slash your reading time. Gain in a few minutes what would otherwise take days, even weeks or months, of literature searching and evaluation.

Increase your professional satisfaction. Learn new skills and sharpen old ones. Keep abreast of the latest rationales and strategies. Gain confidence as a result of being seen to be "in the know."

Advance your career. “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

There is now no reason to allow a significant innovation in science education to pass you by.

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