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Our Mission

"I am impressed with the scope of the journal, and the inclusion of both high quality university research together with classroom action research. The communication of ideas and experiences of teachers around the world contributes to the general pool of good information coming from the journal. The encouragement that the journal gives to classroom teachers to contribute is valuable." Tony Cuthbert, UK

"I found the first issue of SER really impressive and very helpful. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you are sharing.  If one day teachers were asked to list the most painful issues they were ever facing, they would certainly include some of those that you are raising in your journal."  Lucy Vaysman, Community Director,, USA

Our vision is for The Science Education Review (SER) to be a vehicle for facilitating the further enhancement of primary and high school science education around the world. To achieve this, we aim to promote the continual growth and development of all members of the SER community, which includes authors, subscribers, other readers, and members of the SER production team.

In particular, we strive to be professional and ethical in our actions, and to continually seek improved ways of doing things as we support authors in preparing manuscripts for publication and provide content that science educators find informative and refreshing.

Any suggestions you may have for how to do things better, and/or for how to do new things, would therefore be most welcome.



Dr Peter H. Eastwell