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"SER is easy to use, on-line, and contains a lot of resources. 10/10." Bernardo Ancidey, Venezuela

"I have been recommending SER to several of my colleagues. I really enjoy reading it, and the publishing process is very timely and efficient." Lena Duran, Bowling Green State University, OH, USA

"I give a snippett of an article at most science staff meetings." Anthony Ford, Queensland, Australia


You may subscribe to The Science Education Review (SER) personally, or as an institution. All subscriptions are for a calendar year, and are payable in advance. Would you therefore please forward payment with your order. Payments received will be acknowledged by return e-mail. No refund of subscriptions can be made.

On-Line access. Your subscription entitles you to use your issued password to access SER On-Line, which allows the content of SER (both PDF files and Word documents) to be read, saved, and/or printed. IP authenticated access, for those with an appropriately dedicated, static IP address(es), is also available, and will appeal to particularly university libraries. Regular notices alert you to the new content that has been added to SER On-Line.

The Word documents, displayed for the latest issue only, appeal to especially busy classroom teachers, because they allow student materials to be readily prepared by simply modifying and/or cutting and pasting the content without any retyping. Upon request, a Word document copy of a past issue can also be e-mailed to you.

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Entitlement. A personal subscription entitles the subscriber only to passworded access to SER On-Line, and to reproduce content, with appropriate acknowledgement, for use with his/her students. Personal subscriptions need to be paid using a personal credit card, cheque, or the like, rather than by an institution.

An institutional subscription applies to a school, university, business entity, district/regional/state office or department (the office/department itself, but not affiliated institutions like schools) and the like, and entitles:

1. the institution to provide SER On-Line access (passworded and/or IP authenticated) to all staff of the institution (from both the institution or from home), to all users of on-campus facilities, and to those entitled to use the institution's library resources from an off-campus location.

2. members of staff to reproduce content, with appropriate acknowledgement, for use with their students.

Printed Copies. You may also choose to receive unbound printed copies of the journal. An additional charge, to cover printing and postage costs, applies. Each printed issue is forwarded as a complete issue (i.e., three postings each year). This option will appeal to those who enjoy the flexibility associated with being able to read a print copy in any location, but who prefer not to print their own.

Annual Publication Cycle

Issue 1, published on-line around end April, and print version then posted.
Issue 2, published on-line around end August, and print version then posted.
Issue 3, published on-line around end December, and print version then posted.

(Note: The number of issues per year may vary, depending on content available.)

To Purchase an Individual Article/Issue

Individual articles/issues are available by request. Simply visit the Contact Us link in the menu and send a description of the article/issue you need, together with your preferred method of payment (see below for payment choices). The cost is 30 AUD per issue, emailed to you as a PDF file.


Payment may be made by credit card, PayPal account, or bank draft (e.g., cheque or money order). Bank drafts should preferably be in Australian dollars (AUD), and payable to Science Time. If this is not convenient, please add 15 AUD to your bank draft to cover the charge made by our bank for currency conversion. Please forward payment with your order. In addition, subscribers may pay by direct debit, from within Australia only, by crediting the following account. Excessive bank charges unfortunately prevent us from accepting direct debit from outside Australia.

Warwick Credit Union
101 Palmerin Street
Warwick Qld 4370
For Direct Debit From Within Australia Only
BSB: 817001
Account Number: 20585
Account Name: Eastwell - Science Time

Subscription Form

To go to the Subscription Form, which also contains subscription rates, simply click here or on either of the red Click Here to Subscribe graphics appearing on this page.
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